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The 3 biggest unexpected expenses of your dream wedding

The day we started to destroy was the day we started dreaming of our marriage. I was obsessed with the idea of ​​being Cinderella, and I always imagined part of my marriage. As we age, we realize the true cost of marriage and the possibility that it is a marriage we have dreamed of in childhood. As I am planning my own wedding now, I find the real cost of wedding staples. To say the least, there is a reason for a growing marriage. I have some theories that simply add the word "marriage" when talking to vendors increases the price of three rents.
The 3 biggest unexpected expenses of your dream wedding

1. lighting

Honestly, do you know that you even need lighting? The cost of lighting is one of the higher costs that you never thought of. For almost every location, lighting is the standard of room lighting. This kind of lighting is not fun when you take pictures, dancing or mood settings. When ordering a multipurpose room, you need projector for food, DJ, table and decoration. You also need uplights and various other lights. The quote for the ballroom is about $ 2000 - $ 3000.

2. flower

Behind the white dress, one of the most iconic images of the wedding is a bouquet of flowers. White roses, tulips, hydrangeas, baby breath - "married" all shouted Possibilities You want a great bouquet of lush for you, your bridesmaid, your mother, your mother in law, flower motif etc. The difference you can make your wedding is amazing. A good florist will make your drawings and create a party. Expect a floral pattern to cover a minimum of $ 4000.

3. restoration

Chicken or fish? Wondering why the classic line is related to marriage? Because it's too expensive to buy red meat! From the time of entry, salad, dinner, petroleum filling stations, the cost of restoration is the most expensive part of the wedding. The cost of food is about 50 to 300 dollars per person. And add this to the required personnel, with about one server for 15 people. For a group of 300 people in the restaurant, it would be at least $ 18,000

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