Jumat, 06 Januari 2017

It's a Backyard Splash Freebie!!!

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all have a splendid day today, but most importantly, I really hope you've had a fantastic summer so far! And if by any chance you had a blast this Summer playing with water in the backyard or anywhere else for that matter, then Backyard Splash is the perfect kit for you! Full of fun, quirky, water-themed elements for all of your splishy-splashy photos! Check it out:

Backyard Splash is on sale now - 20% OFF until Thursday only at ScrapOrchard!

And how about a little bit of inspiration from my awesome and babe-alicious CT?:

Pure babe-alicious awesomeness! LOL!

Lastly, I got a freebie for you all! Enjoy the rest of Summer! Leave me some love and let me know how you like the kit! :) {{{Hugs!}}}

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